fence staining faqs

A bleaching solution is used to remove fungi and mildew.

Pressure of 40 to 60 PSI, (Pressure per Square Inch), which is equivalent to a garden pump sprayer.

No. Generally stain is oil based. The bleaching solution does not possess the properties to remove the oil.

Yes. Once the new stain is applied it will be flush. However, the overall cohesiveness of the stain has more to do with the wood grain and other unique marks on your fence.

No. Water stains are scars on the fence and penetrate deep into the grains of the wood. Cleaning and staining the fence will improve the appearance but will not remove them. They will be visible after your fence is stained.

Power washing removes a fine layer from the surface of the wood compromising its integrity. The end result of this process leaves a rough texture including splinters on the surface of the wood.

We use Wood Defenders. It is a commercial grade oil base stain. The oil is paraffin oil with the ability to deeply saturate the wood.

We guarantee for 24 months but the stain has a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years.

No, they will be above and below the existing rail.

You will do more damage upon removal of the old rails and may break some of the pickets.

No, new wood will stain slightly different.

We ask the homeowners to remove them or we stain around them.

Staining the fence restores the woods natural beauty and protects from nature’s elements such as sunlight, rain, and biological attacks.

Generally, most projects are completed the same day. We first clean during the first part of the day, allow drying for a few hours, then we return the second half of the day to seal and stain.

If it is a side by side, you can stain right away. If it is a board on board, you should allow for the curing process which is a period of 6-8 weeks.

Yes. We have a 24 month guarantee.

No. We hire and train to meet our standard in fence workmanship.

We are insured, bonded, and members in excellent standing with the BBB.

Yes, Visa and Master Card.

To answer your question we remove post per post to which the fence will never be down. It should never be down nor should it be power washed due to the high pressure that will scar and splinter it. We prefer using a hydro caloric solution to remove the mildew on the fence using 40 to 60 PSI equivalent to a garden sprayer and then staining it with an oil base stain.