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Several Plano fence repair companies can repair or replace residential wood fences.  Our Fence Makeovers Company offers free estimates when it’s time to either repair the fence, stain or paint the fence as well as build a new fence.  Most residential fences are made to last, however, for instance, if it is not maintained properly then a new fence may be in the homeowners near future.

Plano Fence Repair checklistMER HOME CHECKLISTWe have complied a list of items a homeowner can look for when it’s time to repair the fence. Many times if the homeowner is handy they will be able to do some of the repairs themselves. Some items need to be done by a professional fence technician as they know how to repair or replace pickets or boards without the fence falling over into the neighbors yard.

Regular maintenance is extremely important especially if a wind storm comes thorough your neighborhood. North Texas can and does experience many different types of storms, in addition, a wind storm is the hardest on a fence if it has not been maintained. Above all, neglecting the first signs of distress on a fence will add undo stress to the entire fence structure.

Plano Fence Repair – First signs for Repair:

  • Nails poking out of the pickets or boards
  • Warped boards
  • Leaning post
  • Leaning fence sections
  • Broken post at or below ground level
  • Panels that have become detached from the post
  • Corrosion on the post, pickets, or rails.
  • Fence Gates with broken boards
  • Fence Gates with warped bottom section

If a homeowner is experiencing any of the above items and they do not want to repair it on their own. Please Fence Makeovers today and schedule a Free Estimate. Our experienced fence estimators will be happy to come to your home and give you a free estimate for any repairs that are needed. With our estimators have the knowledge to show the homeowner items that may not be seen, scheduling an appointment at your convenience. Appointments are available Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Plano Fence Repair

“Don’t Pay More – Just Restore” is our slogan.  The estimators will give you a complete picture of any repairs needed to be done and they will also offer other services you may be interested in like cleaning and staining.

Plano Fence Repair – Upgrading your fence:

Looking to just add some decorative touches to your fence? Most fences could just use a “Fence Makeover” by adding a few of the items listed below. Which is your favorite? The newest addition to the Fence Makeovers Company are Gate Decorative Ornaments that can be added to the outside of the fence or on the gate door. Adding one of the designs to the gate adds character in addition, safety when opening the fence from the backyard to the front yard.

  • Add a Cap 
  • Kickboards give the bottom of the fence sturdiness 
  • By Adding a Trim – the fence will look finished
  • Replace Wood Post With Metal
  • Convert a Side by Side Fence to a Board on Board Fence

Plano Fence Staining Companies

When it comes to choosing a Fence Staining Company in Plano, Doing your homework is crucial.  What do we mean by doing your homework? Well when it’s time to have the residential fence stained who are the right fence companies to choose.

Ask these five questions to get the homeowner started in helping them find the right company.

  1. Who stains & repairs the fence?
  2. What is the process for staining the fence?
  3. How long will the staining and fence repair take?
  4. How does the homeowner pay for the fence staining and fence repair?
  5. Does the homeowner need approval from the city or HOA before the work can be performed?

This is just a start to find the information needed to make an informed decision on when it comes to choosing the right fence staining company in Plano. Reading reviews from customers who have actually used the company could be a determining factor in the customer service offered by the fence company. Remember no company is perfect, it is more important in the “How” they take care of the issue or problem.

Fence Makeovers will also serve the Allen, McKinney, Richardson and surrounding areas.