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We’re well known as Lewisville’s Best Fence Repair company! We save you money by doing fence repairs and upgrades to restore your fence to that brand new look. Customers are surprised how we transform an old fence to look new through our process of cleaning, staining, and replacing old pickets!!

Need a new fence?
Of course, when needed, we can also replace your old fence with a brand new one. When your old fence has seen its final days; it may be time to have our estimator come out (for free) to your home for an honest assessment if your fence needs to be repaired, cleaned, stained or if it’s time for a new fence.  It is always better to have the fence looked at before spending more than you need.

At Fence Makeovers our team knows what to look for to help Prevent wear and tear on the fence.  Save time and money on a fence repair by checking it out before the small problem turns into a large one. It costs several thousand dollars for a new fence and most times it’s under $1000 to repair your fence.

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A fence is built to last, it simply requires regular maintenance. Therefore, neglecting the first signs of problems will add stress to the entire fence structure and can cost you more in the long run.

Lewisville Fence Repair Experts Suggest Looking for these Signs for Repair:

  • Leaning post or fence
  • Broken post at or below ground level
  • Panels that have become detached from the post.
  • Corrosion on the post, pickets, or rails.
  • Fence Gates not closing or hinge issues

Upgrading your fence with Lewisville’s Fence Repair experts:

  • A cap can be added to the top of the fence 
  • Kickboards from time to time need to be replaced or added
  • Adding Trim will give the appearance of a new fence
  • Replace Wood Post With Metal
  • Convert a Side by Side Fence to a Board on Board Fence

Fence repair can be done Before the small problem turns into a costly replacement!

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Before you Begin

Before you choose a fence style and height, we recommend reading the City of Lewisville, TX Fence Ordinances to see if there are any restrictions for style or height for your fence. We have provided this information for you below. If you have any questions, you can ask your Fence Makeover representative, as they have extensive experience dealing with the City of Lewisville permitting department!

We make it easy!

We secure and complete all the required city permits and follow city ordinances so you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ve added their regulations below taken from the  Lewisville website.

City of Lewisville Fence Permits & Regulations

Residential Fences

General Information
Any new fence or replacement fence exceeding 20 feet in length requires a permit. If a
contractor is used, that contractor must be registered in the City of Lewisville.

Plans Submittal Requirements
The following is a general outline of drawings and documents necessary for plan review (Building
Inspection may request additional information if necessary).
1. Site plan must include location of fencing on the property, Intersections of streets, roads,
highways, alleys driveways and Corner “visibility range,” when required, shall be shown.
2. Fence elevations identifying height of fence and type of materials to be used.
3. Structural plans must include sections and details of all footings (if applicable).
4. Gate submittal requires stamped survey indicating location of gate. Fence/gate prohibited
from encroaching city right of way. Sliding gates shall be installed inside the fence line
and not on the alley side. All encroachments shall be removed.
5. Encroachment of retaining walls within an electric easement requires an approval on
letterhead stationery from utility provider.

A permit fee is required.

An inspection will be required upon completion of work. Once the work is complete, the contractor
shall request a final inspection.

Online Contractor Registration, Application and Inspections
The City of Lewisville’s online permitting & inspections system can be found at
You must create an account to register as a contractor, apply for permits, or request

Our Fence Services

  • Fence Restoration
  • Fence Cleaning & Staining
  • Fence Repair Services
  • New Fence Construction

Fence Types

  • Board-on-Board Fence
  • Side-by-Side Fence
  • Premium Cedar Fence
  • Premium Privacy Cedar Fence

Fence Stain Colors

  • Sable
  • Walnut
  • Cordovan Brown
  • Padre Brown
  • Wood Chip
  • Russet
  • Pewter