Fence Makeovers Thanks you

As we wind down to the end of 2021, Fence Makeovers Thanks you, our valued customer we have served over the past year(s). This year has been a crazy year from COVID lock downs, re-openings, frozen solid for a week with no heat in many homes, the windiest and rainiest seasons to the [...]

Fence Makeovers Thanks you2021-12-28T13:46:05-06:00

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence

Can you stain a wood fence with knots? The answer is yes, however the question is "Will Stain Cover The Knots In The Fence?" Let's explore this question while knots in the wood will not stain properly unless you use a solid latex stain. Let me explain. The knots in wood are very dense [...]

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence2021-09-21T13:08:30-05:00

Fence Staining – Peeling Latex Stain

Is It Time To Restain Your Fence? Peeling Latex Stain - check out the pictures. You will see how bad this latex stain is looking on the fence. This particular fence has been neglected and most likely the latex stain was not applied properly. [...]

Fence Staining – Peeling Latex Stain2021-07-27T12:25:48-05:00

Prepare for Spring with Our Fence Maintenance Checklist

We all know that spring weather in Texas can be quite elusive. It may not make sense when it's still cold out to think about a fence maintenance checklist and repairs. HOWEVER it's actually the perfect time!  Most plants and shrubs are dormant this time of year. This makes it easier to get to your [...]

Prepare for Spring with Our Fence Maintenance Checklist2021-07-27T12:44:27-05:00
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