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Fence Makeovers was founded with the consumer in mind offering quality service at a fair price we specialize in fence restoration with services that include cleaning weather great fences ceiling new fences and generally improving fences that need to be restored to their original condition we repair for reasons such as foundation shifting which may cause offence to lean or come apart broken or leaning post run tickets or rails engage that no longer function.

Fence staining, repair, and restoration specialists serving Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Richardson. Fence stain experts serving the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas for years. Fence Makeovers was founded with the consumer in mind, offering quality service at a fair price. Our expertise is in the complete makeover of your fence. We repair, restore, and install new fences as well as clean, stain, and seal decks, play sets, arbors, and pergolas.

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We specialize in exterior wood care. Our fence staining services include cleaning, staining, and sealing outdoor structures such as fences, arbors, decks, and play sets. Restoring is the key to protecting the woods natural beauty and original form.

Benefits of fence staining/sealing your fence:

  • Shields From Powerful U.V. Rays
  • Protects Natural Wood Color
  • Waterproofs Wood by Repelling Water
  • Extends Wood Life
  • Mold, Mildew, and Fungus Resistant
  • Prevent Cracking and Splitting
  • Protects From Nature’s Elements Such as Sunlight, Rain, and Biological Attacks
  • Restores Weathered Wood

Transparent Oil Based Fence Staining Process:

We use Wood Defender – which contains paraffin oil that penetrates deep into the wood with a unique combination of chemicals specially formulated to protect natural wood from the elements.

Color – the overall end fence staining result will vary. There are multiple factors that contribute to the slight difference in color; hence, no two fences will look alike. In our experience, 85% of homeowners choose Sable over Sierra.




Solid Latex Based Fence Stain:

We use Behr – this is a latex based stain that goes on like a solid paint. There are multiple colors to select from, however; cappuccino, Sable, and wood chip are the most popular colors.

*When fence staining with transparent stain, water marks on your fence caused by your sprinkler system will be visible after staining.