5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence

Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence What is the meaning behind "Spring Cleaning?" The definition: Spring-cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning a place, especially your home. We all try to get our inside of the house cleaned, however Have you thought about the outside of your home? 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence Make [...]

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence2021-03-02T10:51:39-06:00

Tree Pushing Thorough Fence

Is your Neighbors Tree Pushing Thorough the Fence? Looking at the picture on this page, seeing the tree pushing thorough the fence can cause big problems if not addressed. If there had been any type of fence maintenance this would not have happened however, as you can see this tree has been growing thorough [...]

Tree Pushing Thorough Fence2021-01-26T11:53:43-06:00

Before and After Fence Makeovers – Jeff Crilley Interview

Check out the Before and After Fence Makeovers.  Our crew can make a big difference on how your fence looks. Are you wanting to replace your fence? A fence does not need to be replaced like some fence companies will encourage you to do. About 90-95% of the fences can be repaired, cleaned and [...]

Before and After Fence Makeovers – Jeff Crilley Interview2020-11-17T10:59:17-06:00

Complete Your Backyard For Fall

When will it be time to complete your backyard for fall with Fence Makeovers? Fall is just around the corner and before you know it, you'll have friends stopping by to BBQ on the back porch, children running around in the grass again, and maybe even your pets will enjoy staying outdoors more with [...]

Complete Your Backyard For Fall2020-10-29T14:47:38-05:00

End of the Summer Home Checklist

11 End of Summer Home Checklists Vacations have been completed, kids are back in school, and we're heading towards the cooler weather that Fall brings. Did you make your End of Summer Home Checklist yet? Now marks the perfect time to focus a little more on home life and preparing your home for a [...]

End of the Summer Home Checklist2020-10-13T12:43:51-05:00
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