Fence Restoration

What is Fence Restoration? Simply meaning to restore the fence to it’s original status. Doing a complete makeover of the existing fence. A Fence Restoration could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Fence Makeovers Thanks you

As we wind down to the end of 2021, Fence Makeovers Thanks you, our valued customer we have served over the past year(s). This year has been a crazy year from COVID lock downs, re-openings, frozen solid for a week with no heat in many homes, the windiest and rainiest seasons to the [...]

Fence Makeovers Thanks you2022-04-05T13:18:09-05:00

Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

Very Common Question "Should I Repair Or Replace My Fence?" One of the most frequently asked questions Fence Makeovers hears is, “Should I repair or replace my fence? With time, age, weather and the occasional collision with bikes, sport balls, mowers, weed whackers, or pets, can damage the fence structure around the [...]

Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?2022-11-07T13:56:31-06:00

Why Fence Makeovers Has No Subcontractors

No Subcontractors work for Fence Makeovers In the construction business hiring subcontractors to do the work needed around the home has been in practice for many years. Why would a service-based company like Fence Makeovers hire a subcontractor? The biggest benefit is when a subcontractor is hired the cost of the job [...]

Why Fence Makeovers Has No Subcontractors2022-02-28T13:20:57-06:00

What To Do If Your Fence Falls Down Due To Strong Winds and Storms

When Your Fence Falls Down Damage to a residential privacy fence can be very stressful, especially when pets are in the backyard. Strong winds and storms can be devastating. Getting the fence back up as soon as possible not only for privacy but security as well. Here are a few suggestions if the [...]

What To Do If Your Fence Falls Down Due To Strong Winds and Storms2022-11-07T14:13:25-06:00

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence

Can you stain a wood fence with knots? The answer is yes, however the question is "Will Stain Cover The Knots In The Fence?" Let's explore this question while knots in the wood will not stain properly unless you use a solid latex stain. Let me explain. The knots in wood are very dense [...]

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence2022-04-05T13:56:14-05:00

Fence Repair in the Rain

Fence Repair in the Rain The state of Texas has had more rain than rainy states it feels like. In North Dallas and Richardson, the weather will hindering any type of fence repair in the rain. Cleaning and staining fences in the rain just can not be done. Our crews are just as [...]

Fence Repair in the Rain2022-04-25T15:09:02-05:00

Before and After Fence Makeovers – Jeff Crilley Interview

Check out the Before and After Fence Makeovers.  Our crew can make a big difference on how your fence looks. Are you wanting to replace your fence? A fence does not need to be replaced like some fence companies will encourage you to do. About 90-95% of the fences can be repaired, cleaned and [...]

Before and After Fence Makeovers – Jeff Crilley Interview2021-04-13T10:55:50-05:00
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